The undiscovered author, Charm Baker is a divorcee who resides in sunny California.  She likes to spend time outdoors enjoying nature.  Baker blogs and does ebook writing on a number of diverse topics, including personal growth and self-empowerment. Baker’s author website is  She also writes for her Personal Growth blog, in addition to her Skipping Childhood blog.  Both blogs provide insightful and informative discussions on thought-provoking topics.

An Undiscovered Author

Charm Baker is currently among the ranks of undiscovered authors, in spite of having self-published several non-fiction and fiction titles.  Baker shares her honest feelings about being an undiscovered author.   “At first, being undiscovered after publishing multiple titles was depressing.  Now it just makes me work that much harder.  I’ve come to realize what “paying your dues” really looks like.”

This undiscovered status is also one of the main reasons that Baker continues to write inspirational and motivational self-help material   Her books and articles also offer positive forms of emotional healing, especially for survivors of all kinds.

Love of Writing

Charm’s love for writing started early in life.  She credits author Ralph Keyes for her desire to “get serious about writing.”  He wrote the book, “The Courage to Write.”  Charm Baker eventually transitioned from non-fiction to fiction writing.  This resulted in a short story called One Bad Deed.   Besides her latest novel: Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge (Published December 2017), Baker published her Skipping Childhood novel a year earlier.


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