Black Entertainers Today: Why Care About an Historic Las Vegas Casino?

Black entertainers today have a lot to appreciate.  They owe a great deal of thanks to the early trailblazers like Sammy Davis Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and many other legends.  That is one of the main reasons why black indie music artists should care about black entertainment history.  Very few black entertainment-related events are quite as intriguing as the story of the former Las Vegas Moulin Rouge casino.

How Do Black Entertainers Today Benefit from the Past?

It’s no secret that black entertainers today benefit from the victories that previous black entertainers have won.  Today’s black indie artists would be the first to agree with that point of fact.  All the trials and tribulations that black people suffered (particularly in the 1950’s) has not gone unnoticed by modern day artists.  Prominent black musicians and artists who performed and entertained America back then, were not exempt from the racial hatred that was glaringly abundant.  In spite of negative views and actions along the way, bigotry could not successfully stifle the uniting power of music and song.  The face of today’s music is as diverse as the creativity of new and up-and-coming artists.  If you don’t believe it, pop over to Black Ltd Radio and listen to what’s playing.  Not just black indie artists, but all music artists today have more advantages than in the past.

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How is Las Vegas History Relevant to Black Entertainers Today?

Las Vegas history may not seem all that relevant to black entertainers today, but that is not necessarily the case.  Having the proper understanding about the foundation of something goes a long way in understanding how solid and reliable something is.  How does that apply in this case?  The Las Vegas Strip is currently a thriving place when it comes to offering show venues for today’s entertainers.  But how does the star treatment compare when the issue of color is involved?  Are the contracts that are being negotiated between Las Vegas executives and black entertainers today still rooted in the same bias as the early 1950’s?  As long as this strong possibility exists, black entertainers today would do well to pay strict attention to the deals and agreements they make in Las Vegas.

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How Are Black Entertainers Today Also Trailblazers?

Without a doubt, the black entertainers today consist of a myriad of creative indie artists, each one being a trailblazer in their own right.  They’re busy breaking records when it comes to introducing the world to new and innovative sounds and styles of music.  But thanks to today’s technology, as well as the power of social media impact; indie artists are able to accomplish extraordinary things.  This applies to methods of creativity, marketing, promotion, and exposure.  As one recent article brings out specifically about today’s black indie artists:  “Serious indie artists (black and otherwise) don’t have time to sit on their hands and wait for folks to finally discover their talent.  Black indie artists know you have to be confident and motivated enough to help promote yourself.”  [READ Full Article:  GRIND: That Thing that Black Indie Artists Do Best]

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Moulin Rouge History and Black Entertainers Today

The intriguing story and history of the 1955 Las Vegas Moulin Rouge Casino is not directly connected to black entertainers today.  But the story does show how those who have gone before us have paved the way for others to have a smoother journey.  Had it not been for the existence of the first racially integrated casino (and entertainment venue) in Las Vegas, integration may have never made it to the Las Vegas Strip.  As the book “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” brings out, some of the same individuals involved with the Moulin Rouge became political activists.  People like Bill Bailey (Pearl Bailey’s cousin), and his wife Anna were extremely instrumental to the integration process.  Black entertainers today have those early trailblazers to thank for being able to relax and have a drink on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Las Vegas Casino: Topic of Discussion

Are you a history buff who loves reading about the 1950s era?  Do you like stories about early Las Vegas and how “Sin City” evolved?  This site is all about an historic Las Vegas casino.  Are you ready to learn some black history about this controversial landmark?  Take your time on this site.  Enjoy casino related articles about the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge.

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Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the word casino.  People all over the world know about the infamous Sin City.  The names of most Las Vegas casinos are recognized immediately.  But there is one Las Vegas casino that not everyone is familiar with.  Not many people know about the 1955 Las Vegas Moulin Rouge casino.

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Some people have heard about the 1955 Las Vegas Moulin Rouge.   They know it has a controversial history.   Others are less informed.  The only Moulin Rouge they may know about is the Paris Moulin Rouge.  This site can help change that.  The history related to this landmark site is important.  Every story related to the  Las Vegas Moulin Rouge is a small piece of a bigger puzzle.

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