The Moulin Rouge opened in May 1955.  No one suspected the casino venue would ever be as popular as it was.  Oddly enough, the Moulin Rouge closed just a few short months after it opened.  Local residents would soon miss the lively entertainment venue.

Reports tell how the casino had a “packed house every night.”  But there was a lot of racial controversy at the time, not to mention other elements that factored into the closure.  Evidence points to the fact that politics and mob corruption also played a big role in why the casino really closed.  The casino’s once prominent Las Vegas location at 900 West Bonanza Road was added to the Historic Registry in 1992.

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In Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge, readers are taken along on a journey to 1955 with April March, as they experience the iconic Moulin Rouge.  In a fact meets fantasy kind of way, the exciting sights and sounds of the bustling Moulin Rouge come to life.

“This book is for anyone who enjoys history, entertainment, suspense and intrigue, and an element of surprise just for fun.”

Highlighting the Casino Venue

This site highlights some of the black entertainers and iconic performers that the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge once featured.  Enjoy the conversations and historic photos related to the once thriving casino.  Learn about the casino’s “Breakfast Show” and the prominent entertainers (white and black) that the show attracted.

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Famous People at the Casino Venue

Does the name Bill Bailey sound familiar?  Interestingly enough, this was the name of the second cousin to iconic singer Pearl Bailey.  This particular Bill Bailey is obviously not to be confused with the other Bill Bailey that Pearl sang about in one of her songs.  The man she was begging to “come home was certainly not cousin Bill.  The strikingly handsome cousin Bill Bailey was an emcee, singer and musician in his own right.  He performed with the Will Mastin Trio in the 1950’s.

This Bill Bailey is mentioned in the “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” novel.  His role as a former emcee at the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge casino is highlighted.  Bill Bailey and his wife Anna were both there onthe Moulin Rouge’s opening night.  They were both part of the shows’ lineup.  Anna was among the show’s all-black chorus girls.  Bill emceed that night and many nights that followed.

casino venue - anna & bill

Bailey is just one of the well-known last names to be associated with the former Las Vegas hot-spot.  A great deal of iconic black entertainers once paraded through the extravagant lobby of the old Moulin Rouge.  Among the names were Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and others.

casion venue - trio of legends

Former heavyweight champion Joe Louis actually had some ownership in the casino.  The Moulin Rouge capitalized on the champ’s popularity by having him act as the casino’s official Greeter.

Enjoy the Venue’s History

Take your time as you consider the various pages and information on this site about the history of the Moulin Rouge.  Allow yourself to imagine what it must have been like to witness some of the entertaining sights and sounds of this historic casino venue.


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