The first racially integrated casino was the historic Moulin Rouge.  This Las Vegas casino. was built in 1955. The casino’s showgirls were featured in Life Magazine the year they openedThe fascinating Moulin Rouge history is an entertaining story.

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Today, the former site of the 1955 Nevada casino is just a landmark.  Not many people know about the Moulin Rouge history.  The controversy surrounding the casino is a well-kept secret.  Years ago, all the iconic black entertainers performed there.   The popular entertainment venue just suddenly went out of business.  Some people believe the casino was the target of a conspiracy.

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Details About the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge History

The casino first opened in May 1955.  Over sixty years have passed.  The doors were first closed and padlocked the same year they opened.  This is just one reason for the controversy surrounding the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge.  Many unanswered questions exist.  The truth about the Moulin Rouge history remains a big mystery.  Questions center around finances.  Other issues relate to racism and mob corruption.  The evidence is undeniable.  Trouble started brewing early.

Read this blog’s mission to share detailed information about the Moulin Rouge Las Vegas Casino and controversy.

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Novel about Moulin Rouge History

In December 2017, the historic novel: “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” was published.   The print version was released a month after the Amazon Kindle release.  The author’s dream was to publish a book about the controversial Moulin Rouge history.  The mysterious details surrounding the casino are intriguing.  Read details about the novel and enjoy a book excerpt.

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Author of Book about Moulin Rouge History

Author Charm Baker is this site’s writer and author of several books, including a novel about the controversial  1955 Moulin Rouge history.  Read about the author Charm Baker.  Discover  her other titles and current work in progress.

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Moulin Rouge history – about the casino VENUE

The popularity of the 1955 Moulin Rouge casino was attributed to the former showgirls.  The black entertainers all played an important role.  All the legendary Las Vegas stars performed on the Moulin Rouge stage.   Read abut this historic venue.  This site provides details about everything.  Learn about the entertainers and the casino’s décor.  Discover all the interesting facts about the Moulin Rouge history.  Read about this exciting venue from yesteryear.

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